Framed Prints


We use one of only nine Hahnemuhle Certified printers in Australia. Among many criteria that Hahnemuhle assess, the studio must have an advanced education level regarding longevity of their prints, with full competence in fine art inkjet printing workflow. Our printers are capable of producing the finest digital prints available.


Exquisite, handcrafted frames for every print

White Timber

Black Timber

Raw Timber

White-wash Timber


Reflection Control® Glass

With its matte finish, the glass is able to scatter light and diminish unwanted glare.


Highest quality standards, Peterboro are at the forefront of matboard producers

We don’t believe in mass-produced framing, if it’s worth hanging in your home, it’s worth getting it right

Atmosphere Prints


We only use the best quality hardware available, which means you can be confident you’re print will hang like it’s supposed to